Glenda Jones Johnson is a speaker, mentor & founder of JumpstartingU.com , a consulting firm helping people successfully Start-Up or Start-Over in life, business and career. She inspires women whose lives are stalled, get unstuck and go from stranded to strategic success! Her 30 year background in Corporate America is comprised heavily of Business & Commercial Lending, Sales & Operations, and Employee/Talent Management. Combined with years of Ministry service & leadership roles; plus hundreds of mentoring relationships of youths and adults, Glenda utilizes her personal "M3" brand of Marketplace, Ministry and Mentorship and brings multiple layers of expertise and real life experience to the table as a catalyst to help people find & ignite their passion, strategize for success, and launch the lives they’ll love to live.

If your organization is searching for a Fresh voice, a Unique Perspective, and an Authentic Message that IMPACTS, INSPIRES, and IGNITES from expertise and real-life experiences, invite Glenda Johnson to speak at your next event, meeting, or conference.

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